“I was out of town when my elderly mother had to call a plumbing company because of an emergency repair. She contacted Right Price Rooter, and before they began the work, I got a phone call from them letting me know that they weren’t sure whether my mother understood the problems and the costs, and after they explained everything, they asked if it was okay to proceed. I couldn’t believe that they took that extra step, especially since my mother had written them a check for the entire cost without knowing what they problem really was! Thanks!”
-Ron Carev

“I was pretty impressed how courteous Right Price Rooter plumbers were. I had a plumber and a field manager at the job site, and they both seemed to follow the same protocol, were very professional, and stuck to the price that was quoted. Definitely recommend Right Price!”
-Robert Staub

“I hate dealing with plumbers because I have no clue about plumbing, and never understand what was being done. The gentleman from Right Price Rooter actually pulled out a piece of paper and pen and began to draw diagrams and show pictures explaining how everything works, so that I can be at ease. I was very pleased with their service.”
-Lisa Cordero

“I was actually using another plumbing company and something didn’t feel right, so I contacted Right Price Rooter since they offer the service, and explained the situation, and a plumber was on the phone with me for an hour explaining what would need to be done and what it would approximately cost. Turned out the other plumbing company that was at my house was a scam! Thanks Right Price Rooter!!
-Edward Lee

“I had 3 different plumbing companies come out to my $2 million home and to ensure that I got the best work done for the best price. I was very impressed with Right Price Rooter not only because they provided the lowest price, but because they were confident and knowledgeable in their line of work. I would highly recommend them.”
-L. Ackersberg

“Right Price Rooter treated me as if I were their family.”